When does history start?

I want to talk about the time in which the mind of the people changed. In the first civilizations, such as the Egyptian or the Mesopotamian, everything that happened belonged to the first memory. Those cultures thought that all things had to be the reflection of the primeval time, a time when the first king of the civilizations had done something wonderful that turned him into the eternal God of his people, the chosen people. If something wasn’t as in the primeval time it was evil and had to be removed. That is why all the Pharaohs had the same face and the same body, all the Kings of the ancient Egypt were the same God and had to do the same acts. They were caught in the eternal cycle of time, known as the eternal return. We can always see that the Pharaoh appears with his huge mace to crush his enemies, but what is the story behind? Every Pharaoh had the same drawing.

The story of the Kings of the ancient Mesopotamia was not written for the people, but for the Gods. That explains why theirs hieroglyphs were always written on the top of the mountains.  It is the same case for the Pharaohs, as they wrote theirs hieroglyphs inside pyramids or temples forbidden to people.  These Kings were Gods and did not need to talk to the people. Everything remained the same until the sunrise of the classical era, that is the ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, a time when people does not want anymore myths. What they want now is well-being and if the King couldn't offer that he was in big trouble. For this reason it was very important for the Kings of the Mediterranean sea to write the story of their life, their family, their town, their victories, everything that showed they were a good king. Their story was written now in the squares of the cities and in the roads, everywhere for the people to read.
Western civilization to invented history. 

By Jorge Maruejouls

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