What is fascism and why did it appear?

Fascisms fed since 1920 on the excessive fear of what could happen with the social revolutions of the left. All the fascist politic parties felt the same hate towards the left. In their thoughts they were connected with an ancient power, the established power. They were in most cases soldiers that were prepared to crush any kind of violence. That is why the established power believed in them. The countries where the fascist system won as a way of government, were countries that were not used to a democratic government and didn't have the chance to enjoy a situation of prosperity with the liberal governments that ruled them. We can see people with no revolutionary past, people who has not bled for his individualism, people used to follow his leaders until the nonsense. 

The dramatic inflation that Germany suffered from 1919 until 1923 made it not possible to 
maintain the payments that the winners from WWI demanded. This gave France the excuse to take over the industrial area of Ruhr. This situation made the German people feel closer 
to fascism as the highest way of nationalism. The hate towards the other countries was the symbol of this people. They thought that the winners of WWI were responsible for them not being able to overcome the crisis.

In Italy the people was very angry because although they had won WWI, 650.000 people 
had died and the state funds were empty. In 1919 the crisis was unbearable, syndicates and parties of the left took the streets of the cities, both wanted to overthrow the liberals that 
ruled the country. But as the situation became more unstable, people began to feel fear and looked for security in the party of Benito Mussolini, a fascist party organized as a militia.
It is very important to understand that fascism is not a politic movement born from the poor 
people or the working class, it is a politic movement born from the middle class and with the assistance of the higher class to hold back any kind of change from the left. Russia was 
very near and echoes of their revolution arrived to Italy and Germany. But the leaders of the right didn’t know that these movements would burst into their own faces. Yes, when Hitler 
and Mussolini reached the power, they changed the constitution and became dictators. 

In the meantime in Spain the crisis that had afflicted this country since the end of the war 
against USA, made to radicalize a national feeling. People was not comfortable with their 
politics, they had driven the country adrift. The social tensions increased until it caused a 
civil war. But the authoritarian regime from the far right that won the war was not fascist, did not mobilize the multitudes with speeches of radical rhetoric, did not want to democratize 
one idea. They did not set up the fascism in this country, but disguised to get the favor from Germany and Italy.

By Jorge Maruejouls

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